Drywall repair, also called sheetrock repair or plasterboard repair, is the process of repairing a hole or crack in drywall. This may be done by taping the area and then filling it with a putty-like material. The crack can also be filled with joint compound (mud). Sometimes this can be done as part of an overall renovation project where the old drywall is removed and replaced with new. Many interior surfaces are covered in sheets of synthetic material called drywall, giving them a smooth finish that’s easy to paint and keep clean. Drywall panels are created from two sheets of gypsum board sandwiched around a layer of fiberglass mesh for reinforcement; adhesives are applied to their back surfaces to hold them together, then they’re cut to fit the desired space and attached with either nails or screws. As well as being used for interior walls, some types of drywall can be used for exterior walls as well; these panels usually have moisture-resistant backing on one side which allows water vapor from inside the building to escape but prevents water from outside getting in. When installed correctly these panels provide protection against insects like termites, rodents like rats and mice, rot caused by moisture accumulation. Visit us at https://friendlyhandyman.ca


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