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Complete Renovation Basement Bathroom

When it comes to our homes, we want to ensure that they are comfortable, homely and above all, to our personal taste. As any homeowner is only too aware, with time we can become bored of our décor, causing the need for redecoration or in some cases, even a complete renovation.

One of the hardest and most time consuming rooms in which we can choose to renovate is our bathroom as we need to take into consideration the color scheme, decorating methods and furnishings. If we are unsure as to how to renovate our bathroom, it can sometimes take even longer to complete than necessary as we become unsure as to whether our choices will look effective once the room is finished.

Complete New Decking to Fencing/Deck Repairs.

Today more and more homeowners pick composite as the material of choice for their new deck or deck renovation project.

If you are planning to refurbish an existing deck made from lumber, it is high time you choose a more environment friendly and low maintenance material. What is composite decking?

This is actually a combination of plastic and wood fiber which is used to create planks. The end product of these combined materials offers low maintenance with longer life span compared with wood decking.

If you want a family friendly deck material which is safe for kid’s bare feet, composite should be your choice. Splintering is often not a problem with composite decking.

What Our Customer Say

Prémices and his team of skilled tradespeople for several different jobs including carpet removal and the installation of vinyl plank flooring. It is clear that Prémices and his team are interested in building long-term relationships. Reliable service and honest advice. This is what I am looking for and this is what I get when I call Friendly Handyman

Friendly Handyman Ottawa

Friendly Handyman Ottawa


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