Popcorn Ceiling Repairs

Popcorn ceilings may be difficult, knowing how to repair popcorn ceilings ensures you fewer problems with your ceiling repairs. A common issue is holes in the ceiling, like putting hooks to hang things. To make this easy popcorn ceiling repair continue reading.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair for smaller holes.
When you have a hole in the ceiling from hanging something, do you need popcorn ceiling repair spray to fix the problem? No is the answer, it is possible to fix for the same look without it.
Grab a putty knife, and some patching compound. A favourite is light-weight compounds, such as One-Time Spackle by Red Devil. Apply the compound to the hole area. Use a putty knife, or your finger, depending on the size of the hole. Form it like it blends with the rest of the ceiling. Then determine if painting is necessary. Painting is a personal preference.
Match the colour with that of your ceiling. Paint a bit beyond the ceiling repair area, for the paint to look continuous and blend in to the rest of the ceiling.
Popcorn Ceiling Repair for Small Holes (using popcorn ceiling spray)
Buy a type similar to your ceiling structure. Repair kits can also help. We also provide popcorn ceiling removal services.


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